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This feature adds support for sso from the ssl vpn portal to an rdp bookmark. If sso is used, then the credentials used to login to ssl vpn will be automatically used when connecting to a remote rdp server. This option is only available in cli. To configure sso support for html5 rdp - cli: conf vpn ssl web user- bookmark. Edit < name> config. In order to create a bookmark, choose vpn bookmark configuration > remote access vpn > clientless ssl vpn access > portal > bookmarks > add. Choose add in order to add a specific bookmark.

Cli: it is impossible to create bookmarks via the cli because they are created as xml files.

( optional) assign bookmarks to a specific group policy. The video walks you through configuration of bookmarks on cisco asa ssl clientless vpn. We will look at three application protocol services; http, cifs and ftp that are available by default with bookmark, and their abilities to support auto- sign on that will save users from vpn bookmark having to enter their credentials multiple times. Ssl- vpn bookmark vpn bookmark cannot be clicked upon. A bookmark is created for rdp on 5. X firmware and when the user logs in to the virtual vpn bookmark office portal, the bookmark vpn bookmark appears to be grayed out.

What to check: check the ssl- vpn client settings to find if the client range and zones are not defined for ssl- vpn. Group- based ssl vpn bookmarks. This cli- only feature allows administrators to add bookmarks for groups of users. Ssl vpn will only output the matched group- name entry to the client. Syntax: vpn bookmark config vpn ssl web portal. Edit vpn bookmark " portal- name" set user- group- bookmark enable* / disable. Conf vpn bookmark vpn ssl web user- group- bookmark. Edit " group- vpn bookmark name.

One thing that pussels me is bookmarks in the clientless setup on the vpn bookmark asa box: vpn bookmark doing lab " chapter 10 lab c: configuring clientless and anyconnect remote access ssl vpns using asdm" in par 3 step 6 bokkmarks are configured.

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